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At the moment it's photo galleries, but coming soon a full community site with forums, events, profiles and so much more
It's green and very badly coded - it's my site when I was at Exeter Uni! Lot's of photos and made up news
Fan site for electro-pop Gods. Come worship.

My Pet Shop Boys Discussion List. About 1,000 members!

Tokio Drifters
London band I did the website for ages ago...
Fan site for Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five. Being rebuilt at the moment
My own personal site. It's due back online soon.
Technically an Acknowledgement project, it makes this list as it's not for profit. Follow Jacob round europe.
My bear, Islington, has his own website. Read about his life here.

Pure and Sinful
A site I did for my friend Helen's party

Mark's Blog
Mark's blog, hosted on Planet Jordan

Canal Tea Rooms
Very simple site for friends Parents

Millennia Doulas
For my old bosses wife...

Bracton Law Society
Student Society at the University of Exeter

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